Top 5 Most Popular Party Themes for Girls

Um… if you can’t tell already, I am OBSESSED with girl party themes! Unicorn, princess, ladybug, you name it!

Whether you’re having a last minute party or a princess megahaul that you’ve been planning since the dawn of time, here are some of the hottest trending party themes for girls.

1. Unicorn

Unicorn dresses. Unicorn sippy cups. Unicorn EVERYTHING. I even found this unicorn toothbrush on amazon that I bought for my daughter last Christmas.

But nothing is cooler than a unicorn birthday party. This past year it seems like unicorns have taken over the entire world. But life as a busy mom ain’t easy, so shopping for unicorn party supplies has been a breeze.

One of my favorite things about the unicorn birthday party theme is the rainbow. Rainbow colors are everywhere! Pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, you name it!

If you’re searching for the perfect invitation, look no further! I found this adorable unicorn invitation on Etsy and my daughter LOVES it (and the best part is you can edit it yourself)!

2. Princess

Princess themed parties have been around for ages. Princess is one of those “timeless” birthday themes, cause you can never go wrong when it comes to princess!

And princess parties are full of PINK. I love pink ~ pink balloons, pink napkins, pink streamers, pink everything! And it never hurts to add a little glitter to your princess party!

If you’re thinking about having a princess themed birthday party for your little girl, you’re going to need LOTS of pink, some gold crowns, and tons of glitter!

3. Mermaid

We’ve all gone through the mermaid phase. Mermaid this. Mermaid that. Mermaid everything. I think the concept of having a tail and living under the sea is just too darn awesome to miss!

If your girl loves the beach and secretly stays up late watchinch The Little Mermaid way past her bedtime, then she is going to OBSESS over this party theme!

Mermaid parties are one of my personal favorites. I mean, who can’t fall in love with sparkly fins, seashells, and under-the-sea everything?

And the color theme is FANTASTIC – blues, purples, pinks… it’s like a whole party under the sea!

4. Ballerina

If your little ballerina loves dancing, then look no further! This party theme has exploded over the past few years, and ballerinas all over are partying like crazy!

The best thing about having a ballet party is that it’s pretty simple. Just like ballet itself, this party theme is elegant, classic, and just SO cute! I have to admit I only took ballet for a few months when I was little, but I enjoyed it!

All you need for a beautiful ballet party is some pastel pink party decorations, a little bit of glitter, and pointe shoes everywhere!

4. Tea Party

Let’s be honest… tea parties are the BEST! Who doesn’t love an awesome tea party? I may not be a little girl anymore but I still love tea parties!

A large, open field with tons of green grass is PERFECT if you’re planning on having a tea party. This theme is a great idea for summer and spring, although there are winter tea party ideas out there too!

You don’t have to be in love with Alice in Wonderland to have a pretty dang awesome tea party. All you need is some pastel balloons, some tea cakes, and as many tea cups as you can get your hands on!

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