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10 Cute Autumn DIYs for Kids

I’m always SO excited when autumn comes around. What’s not to love about cozy sweaters, steaming hot mugs of apple cider, and jumping into a pile of leaves? But I’m not the only one who’s excited – my kids LOVE fall time. They absolutely love it.

But when those autumn days start to roll in, sometimes they get super bored and have ‘nothing’ to do. So here’s a list of 10 cute autumn crafts that my kids go crazy for!

  1. DIY Turkey Finger Puppet

My kids are OBSESSED with this adorable turkey finger puppet! The best part is that it’s super cute and easy to make! Learn how to make it here:
Turkey Finger Puppet – Artsy Momma

2. DIY Autumn Handprint Tree

This fall handprint tree is so cute! Sometimes it’s fun to get a little creative and messy with craft paints, just be sure to use a washable kind. Learn how to make it here:
Autumn Handprint Tree – Arty Crafty Kids

3. DIY Pine Cone Owls

These owls are just ADORABLE! Get your pine cones ready because you’ve got to make these! Learn how to make it here:
Pine Cone Owls – Mamma Lew

4. DIY Popsicle Stick Apples

These popsicle stick apples are so cute! I suddenly have a craving for apple pie and some hot cider. Learn how to make it here:
Popsicle Stick Apples – Simple Mom Project

5. DIY Leaf Suncatchers

Your kids will LOVE these leaf suncatchers! Learn how to make it here:
Leaf Suncatchers – The Best Ideas For Kids

6. DIY Paper Plate Owls

These paper plate owls are so cute and easy to make! They’re great for your youngsters to make as well. Learn how to make it here:
Paper Plate Owls – Our Potluck Family

7. DIY Autumn Leaf Painting

This autumn leaf painting craft is super fun and easy for your kids to make! It can get a little messy, though. Learn how to make it here:
Autumn Leaf Painting – Arty Crafty Kids

8. DIY Autumn Leaf Masks

These autumn leaf masks are super fun for your kids to play around with, and they are simple and easy to make! Learn how to make it here:
Autumn Leaf Masks – Our Wildness

9. DIY Paper Roll Scarecrows

These paper roll scarecrows are super cute and great for all ages! Learn how to make it here:
Paper Roll Scarecrows – Red Ted Art

10. DIY Autumn Leaf Hedgehogs

These autumn leaf hedgehogs are so cute! Learn how to make them here:
Autumn Leaf Hedgehogs – Fireflies and Mud Pies